SCR is the most proven and effective technology to reduce NOx emissions from gas turbines.

To date most SCR installations for gas turbines have been based on conventional externally vaporized type reagent systems. With such systems a heat source (electric, steam or recirculated exhaust gas) is required to vaporize the liquid reagent into its gaseous form. Additionally, fans are required to transport the gaseous reagent to the ammonia injection grid (AIG) in order to optimally distribute the vaporized reagent across the catalyst bed.

FlowVision has developed and installed a new innovative reagent injection system for gas turbines. FlowVision’s ADVANCED ATOMIZATION INJECTION SYSTEM (AAIS) removes the need for the conventional large and expensive externally vaporized systems.

Our in-house CFD and Flow Modelling capabilities has allowed us to develop this cost effective innovative solution, while still limiting the overall system pressure drop and installation footprint.