December 2018

A required 65% NOx reduction was achieved by Flowvision SCR system for the first of two coal fired boilers in Spain.  The 138 + 88MW boilers supplies process steam for production of soda ash and its derivatives and require a NOx reduction of 65% down to <190mg/Nm³.  In addition to the basic supply scope the contract included cold flow modelling and CFD analysis as part of the system design along with peripheral items such as soot blowers to ensure a complete system package.

November 2018

Continued success in the Biomass market results in award for another SNCR system to reduce the NOx-emissions on a new Biomass boiler in Merida, Spain. The SNCR system will reduce the NOx-emissions to <190 mg/Nm3, which corresponds to a 50% reduction. 

October 2018

FlowVision has been selected to deliver yet another cutting edge SNCR solution for a 15MW biomass boiler in Arnham, The Netherlands. The biomass boiler, which is scheduled to be finished in March 2019, which will include the new patented CleaNOx ARIS system. The ARIS system is intended to increase the efficiency of the SNCR process.  The SNCR system is designed to keep the NOx-emissions below 145mg/Nm³, which corresponds to peak reduction of 52% and a slip <5mg/Nm³.

May 2018

FlowVision has successfully completed commissioning of the SNCR system for wood chip fired Biomass plant and district heating plant in Kent, UK.  The plant output is 33.8MW and are fed with virgin and waste wood chips from the surrounding areas and is set to deliver district heating to the surrounding homes and industry. The FlowVision SNCR system removes up to 50% of NOx-emissions on the boiler, keeping the emissions below 190 mg/Nm³.

March 2018

FlowVision successfully completes commissioning of the worlds first offshore gas turbine train in the Dutch sector of the North Sea for the Markham J6A platform.  FlowvVision’s state of the art SCR system reduced the NOx to the design request of 73%, down to <150mg/Nm³ and well within the 225mg/Nm³ legislation limits.  The next train is expected to be commissioned in February 2019

February 2018 

FlowVision continues to supply further SNCR equipment to the Turkish cement industry and is expected to complete eight process lines spanning five locations by the summer of 2018.  This addition to our portfolio expands the number of Turkish cement plants equipped with Flowvision SNCR to more than 12 locations.

January 2018

Flowvision wins contract to design and supply DeNOx solution for two Bio-Methanol reformers on the Northern Netherlands coastline.  The SCR system is based on external vaporisation and will achieve up to 72% NOx reduction.  Flowvision will supply the complete dosing and injection system, control system and catalyst.  Delivery is expected in July 2018.