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Cramlington Biomass CHP Plant


Biomass Boilers

Flowvision has successfully delivered several DeNOx systems for a wide range of biomass boilers, spanning from small scale straw-fired boilers to medium sized boilers fired on wood-chips and to large retro-fitted biomass boilers.

With a strong knowledge within biomass combustion Flowvision can tailor the DeNOx-system to comply with the fluctuating temperature- and emission profiles as well as the limited residence times that are often characteristic for biomass boilers. Flowvision has achieved NOx-reductions up to 70% for biomass boilers with the SNCR technology and up to 90% with SCR.

Flowvision has experience with advanced temperature monitoring systems that ensure that the reagent is dosed exactly at the optimal temperature and flow conditions. This feature further adds to the flexibility of our SNCR system and allows for even higher reduction rates.

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