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Consultancy Services

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Flowvision employees have over 25 years experience in the field of CFD and utilize this state-of-the art design tool to optimize the design of its DeNOx systems.

CFD simulation provides many advantages when designing DeNOx systems, including;

  • Full scale simulation of the actual DeNOx system.
  • Optimization of the reagent injection system and mixing system to satisfy the requirements of the design specification.
  • Optimize the temperature field to satisfy the design specification.
  • Minimize the pressure drop through the system.
  • Simulate vaporization of ammonia droplets and dust distribution.
  • Analyze the drag caused by different components in the flue gas ducting.

As well as utilizing its CFD design tools to optimize the design of its own DeNOx systems, Flowvision can also provide flow simulation and engineering services through its consultancy division. Flow simulations and engineering services provided by Flowvision include;

  • ESP Optimization – Optimized the ESP to avoid dust sweepage from the hopper to the flue gas flow. Optimization of the flow field to even the dust distribution and minimizing pressure drop.
  • FGD Optimization – Estimate the flow, droplet distribution and vaporization status in absorbing tower. Design the vitriol concentrator and estimate the flow, pressure and temperature distributions.
  • Simulation of combustion process inside a furnace.