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Flowvision to deliver deNOx-system to UK gasification plant

Odense, 20th of May, 2019

Flowvision has received a contract for a large SNCR system to two new WtE gasification plants in Hooton, UK. The contract has been awarded by the French boiler manufacturer Leroux and Lotz, who are supplying the boiler systems to the plant.

The two gasification boilers, which operates on the bubbling fluidized bed technology, will be operated on municipal waste and can deliver up to 24 MWe to the grid. Each boiler requires a 55% NOx reduction on order to reach the target emission level of 200 mg/Nm3. Flowvision will deliver a complete SNCR system package servicing both boilers.

Flowvision featured in Offshore Industry 2017

Offshore Industry has published an exciting article on the groundbreaking SCR deNOx project for the Markham J6A platform in the Dutch sea; notably for being the worlds first SCR installation on an offshore platform.

Flowvision is featured for designing and supplying a state-of-the-art urea injection system for the platform, ensuring the SCR system is able to lower the NOx level to below 225 mg/Nm3. The project is well-ahead of the new Dutch regulatory for emissions of offshore platform, which is aiming to cut the NOx emissions by 50% in 2019. Commissioning of the SCR system is expected to start at the end of 2017.

Waste-to-Energy SNCR System Commissioned

Odense, 1st of February, 2017

Flowvision has succesfully completed commissioning of the SNCR system for two Norwegian waste-to-energy boiler installments in Tromsø. The two 8MW Kvitebjørn boilers are fed with municipal waste from the surrounding municipality and is set to deliver district heating to the surrounding homes. The Flowvision SNCR system removes up to 60% of NOx-emissions on the two boilers, keeping the emissions below 200 mg/Nm3.

Flowvision Expands to Offshore Industry

Odense, 30th of January, 2017

Flowvision has received a ground-breaking order for a direct-injection SCR system to be installed in an offshore gas turbine in the Netherlands. The NOx-compliance project, which is carried out in cooperation with Centrica, KCI and Array Industries, is set to reduce the NOx-emissions by up to 80%, keeping the emissions below 150 mg/Nm3. With the order, Flowvision strenghtens their position as the leading supplier of direct-injection SCR systems for gas turbines.

Flowvision's direct-injection SCR system is a cost-efficient solution for small scale boilers and gas turbines, as the subsystems for external reagent evaporation can be omitted. The direct-injection system combines the in-house know-how and advanced CFD modelling to ensure the feasibility of each installment.

Flowvision Wins SNCR Order for British Biomass Boiler

Odense, 22nd of November, 2016

Flowvision has been selected by Burmeister & Wain Energy to deliver yet another State-of-the-Art SNCR system for a 27.8 MW biomass boiler in Cramlington, UK. The biomass boiler, which is scheduled to be finished in 2017, is fed by virgin wood, forest residues and clean waste wood.

The SNCR system is designed to keep the NOx-emissions below 250 mg/Nm3, which corresponds to peak reduction of 30.5%. The boiler design is to be replicated to a second boiler system in Kent, UK, in which Flowvision is also expected to deliver the deNOx

Flowvision to Supply deNOx to Italian Biomass Boiler

Odense, 28th of October 2016

Flowvision has been awarded an order for a SNCR system to reduce the NOx-emissions on a new boiler in Macchiareddu, Italy. The SNCR system will reduce the NOx-emissions to >200 mg/Nm3, which corresponds to a 50% reduction. 

Flowvision Gets SNCR Order for Polish WtE Plant

Odense, 29thof November 2016

Flowvision is to deliver a SNCR system for a 274 tpd/8 MW Waste-to-Energy plant in Rheszow, Poland, which supplies 32.000 households with electricity. The SNCR system is to achieve a 50% NOx reduction, with emissions below 200 mg/Nm3. The order is awarded by the Italian T.M.E. S.p.A. and is set to commissioned in 2018.

Flowvision to Supply Micro SNCR System to Dutch Biomass Boiler

Odense, August 10th 2016

Flowvision has recieved an order for yet another State-of-the-Art Micro SNCR system, this time for a 6 MW CHP wood-chip fired biomass boiler in Lelystad, Netherlands. The Micro SNCR system will reduce the NOx with up to 70%, keeping the NOx-emissions below 115 mg/Nm3. The plant is scheduled to be commissioned and deliver mid-February 2017.

State-of-the-Art Micro SNCR System Commissioned

Flowvision has completed commissioning and put into operation a state-of-the-art Micro SNCR system. The Micro SNCR system, which has been installed in a 350kW biomass boiler for a Royal Horse Artillery unit in the UK to produce energy from the waste of almost 150 horses stabled at the Barracks, will reduce the NOx emissions to <200 mg/Nm3.

The Flowvision Micro SNCR System is a compact cost effective solution for small scale boiler and incinerator applications. The system can also be tailored for other applications requiring low reagent flow.

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