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We make updates on exciting news from different areas. Read about the development of our market, the company and out products and services. 

Flowvision to supply SCR system  to Hungarian chemical plant

Odense, 9th of July, 2020

Flowvision has been selected to deliver a SCR system for  a chemical plant in Kazincbarcika, Hungary owned and operated by BorsodChem. The SCR system is to be installed in a Heat Recovey Steam Generator system.

The contract has been awarded by the hungarian boiler manufacturer UNIS Power with delivery set to January 2021. 

Flowvision wins contract for SCR system to petrochemical plant in China

Odense, 1st of February, 2020

Flowvision has won a contract to deliver a SCR system to a Chinese petrochemical plant in Lijing, from  French Heurtey Petrochem Solutions. The contract is for a complete SCR system including catalyst and a storage tank for the anhydrous ammonia reagent.

The SCR system is to be installed in a steam superheater system and is designed to achieve a 80% NOx reduction down to 50 mg/Nm3. The SCR system is scheduled to be delivered in August 2020.

Flowvision enters US market with SCR order for Carbon Black plant in Louisiana

Odense, 1st of December, 2019

Flowvision is excited to announce the first US deNOx deliverance in company history. A state-of-the-art Ammonia Injection Skid has been ordered for the Orion Engineered Carbon (OEC) plant in Ivanhoe, Louisiana.

The skid will be an essential piece of the SNOXTM  system which combines emission reduction of both NOx, SOx and dust. The project is spearheaded by Haldor Topsøe and Merrick, with the system being scheduled for operation in 2021.

With this order Flowvision yet again showcase a strong ability to deliver innovative emissions reduction technology to any branch of the heavy industries.

Flowvision wins order for SNCR for two 95 MW boilers in Denmark

Odense, 28th of August, 2019

Flowvision has received an order from Verdo on a SNCR system for two existing biomass boilers in Randers, Denmark. The two 95MW boilers are run on wood chips and supplies 35.000 local households with heating.

Both boilers are to have the NOx level reduced with 55%, down to 180 mg/Nm3. Flowvision will deliver the SNCR system with the 10mm ATF injectors, which can be mounted directly between the boiler pipes without making expensive junctions.  

The SNCR system is to be delivered early December 2019 and commissioned in March/December 2020, respectively. 


Flowvision completes commissioning of SNCR for Spanish Biomass Plant

Odense, 23rd of September, 2019

Flowvision has succesfully finished the commissioning of both the deNOx and deSOx systems for a new Biomass boiler in Merida, Spain.

The SNCR system was not only fully capable of reducing the emissions below the required 190 mg/Nm3, corresponding to a 50% reduction, but managed to obtain a 75% reduction. This figure is quite remarkable considering the boiler size and yet again showcase the capabilities of  Flowvisions innovative deNOx technology.


Flowvision to deliver deNOx-system to UK gasification plant

Odense, 20th of May, 2019

Flowvision has received a contract for a large SNCR system to two new WtE gasification plants in Hooton, UK. The contract has been awarded by the French boiler manufacturer Leroux and Lotz, who are supplying the boiler systems to the plant.

The two gasification boilers, which operates on the bubbling fluidized bed technology, will be operated on municipal waste and can deliver up to 24 MWe to the grid. Each boiler requires a 55% NOx reduction on order to reach the target emission level of 200 mg/Nm3. Flowvision will deliver a complete SNCR system package servicing both boilers.

Flowvision succesfully hands over SCR plant for two Spanish coal-boilers

Odense, 7th of January, 2019

Flowvision has officially handed over the SCR system for two coal-fired boilers in Torrelavega, Spain, to the local staff. Flowvision succeeded in reducing the emissions for both boilers down to required 190 mg/Nm3, corresponding to a 65% reduction.

In addition to the basic supply scope the contract included cold flow modelling and CFD analysis as part of the system design along with peripheral items such as soot blowers to ensure a complete system package. The 138 + 88MW boilers supplies process steam for production of soda ash and its derivatives.

The succesfull project is another strong example of Flowvisions ability to remove NOx from a broad range of applications within the heavy-industries.

Flowvision wins SNCR order for new Spanish biomass plant

Odense, 20th of December, 2018

Continued success in the Biomass market results in the order of yet another quality SNCR system to reduce the NOx-emissions on a new Biomass boiler in Merida, Spain. The SNCR system is part of a larger deliverance in collaboration with the Spanish engineering company Fivemasa, who also delivers deSOx equipment.

The SNCR system will be delivered with the 10mm ATF injectors to avoid pipe junctions, while maintaining a high and cost-effective reduction. The SNCR system will reduce the NOx-emissions to <190 mg/Nm3, which corresponds to a 50% reduction and is scheduled for commissioning in June 2019.

Flowvision bags SNCR contract for new Dutch Biomass Plant

Odense, 30th of October, 2018

Flowvision has been selected to deliver yet another innovative SNCR solution for a 15MW biomass boiler in Arnham, The Netherlands. The emission control project is in collaboration with dutch energy company Stork and is expected to be commissioned in March 2019.

The SNCR system is designed to keep the NOx-emissions below 145mg/Nm³, which corresponds to peak reduction of 52% and a slip <5mg/Nm³.

SNCR system for Kent Biomass Plant commissioned

Odense, 09th of July, 2018

Flowvision has successfully completed commissioning of the SNCR system for the wood chip fired Biomass  plant in Kent, UK.  The plant output is 33.8MW and are fed with virgin and waste wood chips from the surrounding areas and is set to deliver district heating to the surrounding homes and industry.

The Flowvision SNCR system removes up to 50% of NOx-emissions on the boiler, keeping the emissions below 190 mg/Nm³. 


Successful commissioning of first train on offshore SCR system

Odense, 27th of May, 2018

Flowvision successfully completes commissioning of the worlds first SCR system for an offshore gas turbine. The gas turbine is installed on the Markham J6A platform in the Dutch sector of the North Sea. 

Flowvision’s state of the art SCR system reduced the NOx to the design request of 73%, down to <150mg/Nm³ and well within the 225mg/Nm³ legislation limits. The second train is expected to be commissioned in February 2019.

The project build a strong benchmark for future emission reduction projects for similar offshore projects, where Flowvision figures to be a key player.

Flowvision awarded SCR contract for Dutch Biofuel Plant

Odense, 18th of February, 2018

Flowvision have won a contract to design and supply an SCR solution for two Bio-Methanol reformers on the Northern Netherlands coastline. The project is carried out in consortium with the dutch company Stork, with whom Flowvision has a strong track record.

The SCR system is based on external vaporisation of the reagent and will achieve up to 72% NOx reduction. Flowvision will supply a complete SCR system including storage tank, unloading skid, dosing and injection system, control system and catalyst.  The delivery is expected in July 2018.

Flowvision reinforces position in Turkish Cement Industry

Odense, 11th of February, 2018

Flowvision continues to build upon strong track record as a prefered deNOx supplier for the Turkish Cement Industry with several new orders. Flowvision expect to complete eight new process lines spanning five different locations by the summer of 2018. This time the contracts are awarded by Limak Cement, Baticim Cimento and Seza Cement.

This addition to our portfolio expands the number of Turkish cement plants equipped with Flowvision SNCR to more than 12 locations.