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SNCR Performance & Optimization Trials

Meeting stringent new emissions limits and selecting the correct NOx reduction technology to achieve the required limits can be challenging. To be able to obtain more reliable data that the SNCR process can achieve the desired NOx reduction, Flowvision is able to conduct performance trials with portable test equipment.

These trials give valuable information as to what performance can be achieved and guaranteed under varying operating conditions with a full scale SNCR system.

The test equipment consists of pump modules, dosing and distribution modules containing flow meters and all necessary armatures, and injection lances. The flow of reagent, water and compressed air is usually adjusted manually. Preparation of the boilers is usually limited to the minimum necessary, and existing openings are used for the injectors if available. The time and cost of making new penetrations in the boiler walls for installation of the injection lances is avoided is possible.

Trials can be performed using either urea or ammonia reducing agent.

SNCR Performance
SNCR Performance