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Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR)

The SNCR process involves injecting either an ammonia or urea based reducing agent into the flue gas of a industrial combustion source, where an optimum temperature window of between 850°C – 1150°C exists.

The purpose of the reducing agent is to enable reduction of the NOx species. The resulting product of the chemical reaction is elemental nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O).

This technology requires thorough mixing of the reducing agent within the desired temperature window, and the longer the reagent is mixed with the NOx the higher the NOx reduction

SNCR systems to meet your plant requirements

Flowvision’s state of the art SNCR systems are capable of reducing NOx emissions by more than 80% in some applications while limiting the ammonia slip.

Flowvision’s SNCR systems are based on a modular approach to ensure they can be tailored to meet all plant requirements. A standardized cost effective SNCR system can be supplied or a customized design solution to meet all plant local regulations, standards and specifications.

A turnkey SNCR plant mainly consists of four sub-systems:

  • System for receiving, storing and distributing reagent solution and dilution water if required by the process.
  • System for measuring and controlling the volume that corresponds to optimum operation.
  • System for surveillance and servicing of the injectors.
  • System for management and control of the process.

Flowvision’s SNCR injection technology is the result of over 25 years experience and continuous development. They are unmatched in terms of performance, quality, adaptability, maintainability and cost.

To meet the fluctuating operating conditions seen in most combustion applications, Flowvision’s proprietary designed injectors are characterised by having a high impulse and the ability to be adjustable to different spray characteristics and droplet sizes. For angled injectors, the injection angle can be changed during operation. The injectors have no moving parts, and only the outer tubes are considered wear parts. The outer tubes can easily be modified to give different spray patterns on site.

For maintenance the injectors are dismounted by opening the quick couplings and do not need adjustment when re-inserted. The injectors can also be custom designed to be retractable while the boiler or kiln is operational.

Flowvision’s injectors are tailored to the specific applications and are constructed to produce single or multiple spray jets, straight or angled jets or fan shaped sprays with fine or coarse droplets as required for the specific task.

For particularly harsh environments, the injectors can be equipped with an optional protection tube constructed from heat or wear resistant steel.