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DeNOx systems for Waste-to-Energy boiler can often be challenging due to the variations of the fuel composition. This often causes fluctuations in temperature and flow characteristics of the flue gas in the boiler and thus requires the DeNOx system to be adaptable. Furthermore, the flue gas often has an increased concentration of volatile compounds that can damage internally located components.

Flowvision are highly experienced in designing robust DeNOx-system for the harsh conditions in a Waste-to-Energy boiler furnace, while maintaining the high NOx-reductions that is required with the ever increasing emission limits. Flowvision has achieved NOx-reductions up to 80% on Waste-to-Energy boilers with the SNCR technology and up to 96% with SCR.

Flowvision has experience with advanced temperature monitoring systems that ensure that the reagent is dosed exactly at the optimal temperature and flow conditions. This feature further adds to the flexibility of our SNCR systems and allows for even higher reduction rates.

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